Running a Marathon Explained by New Girl (GIFS)

Hello readers! Since the Pittsburgh Marathon is quickly approaching, I decided to create a post filled with GIF images from New Girl describing what it’s like training for / running a marathon. I hope this post brings you laughter!

When you finish that final long run:

New Girl Dancing GIF-source

When you’re halfway through the taper:

Big Brother S GIF-source

When you start carb loading during race week:

New Girl Pizza GIF-source

When you’re at the expo and want all the things:

Fox Sunglasses GIF by New Girl-downsized_large

When your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour on race morning:

Phil Dale GIF-source

When you use the porta potty:

New Girl Stuff I Made GIF-source

When you get excited and start out too fast:

New Girl GIF-source (1)

When you’re 7 miles in and someone tells you you’re almost there:

Mad Max Greenfield GIF by New Girl-source

When you try to convince yourself that the weather is ideal:

I Love It Hot Jake Johnson GIF by New Girl-source

When you try to act natural for the race photographers:

New Girl Ugh This Show Is Flawless GIF-source

When you get your second wind:

Day GIF-source

When you start a conversation with a stranger to distract yourself:


When you wait until race day to try that new flavor of GU:

Funny Gif GIF-source

When duty calls at the most inopportune time:


When you hit the dreaded wall:

New Girl Help GIF-source

When you reach mile 26 and the crowd is roaring:

Jake Johnson Fox GIF by New Girl-source

When you cross the finish line feeling like a champion:

Zooey Deschanel Fun GIF-source

When the volunteer hands you your medal:

New Girl No GIF-source

When you try to change out of your sweaty clothes:

Fail Lamorne Morris GIF by New Girl-source

When you’re busy trying to process everything:

New Girl Shock GIF-source

When amnesia hits a week later and you look for your next race:

Happy Zooey Deschanel GIF by New Girl-source

This is my last post until after race weekend! I hope you enjoyed my posts during this training cycle! Just 2 more weeks until race day! GOOD LUCK RUNNERS!


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