Big Girl Dance Class with Todd & Whit!

Hello readers! I have an exciting story to share! About 3 weeks ago, I came across a shared screenshot on Instagram from one of my running friends, Elana. It was a post in which Whitney Way Thore announced a pop-up Big Girl Dance Class being held in Pittsburgh on 6/19/18! I immediately signed up and waited for the day to come!

I knew I had to leave work early if I wanted to get to Rex Theater (South Side) before the line got crazy long. I arrived and parked around 5:15. I had a mini meltdown because I thought I lost both my license and debit card. I put them in my skirt before I left work and thought they fell out of my pocket. They ended up getting buried deep inside my pocket, not knowing the pocket wrapped around the entirety of my waist until that time. Crisis averted! I placed my purse inside of my trunk and did so with much difficulty. As I pulled my hand out, I scraped the top of my thumb inside of my trunk.


Only me. I figured, it can only go up from here!

When I finally made my way to the event location, the line had roughly 30 people in it. I quickly got in line to hold my place, while I waited for my friend, Elana, to show up. The show’s crew came around with clip boards, in which we were required to sign a waiver for the show if we were to make an appearance! *Fingers crossed we do!*


Just before going inside.

Anyway…we stood in line for over 1 hour. There was some sort of delay; I’m still unsure of what happened. I’m glad I had a buddy to keep me company while we waited. We heard people screaming and around the corner came Buddy! It was pretty surreal to see someone in person whom I’ve seen on television dozens and dozens of times. He walked down the entirety of the line and waved to everyone. I’m super proud of how much he has accomplished in his continued sobriety and his openness about it. Way to go Buddy!

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My Philosophy On Fear

Fear is a primal emotion. And you know what? I’m driven by it. I don’t believe in destroying fear before it destroys you. I don’t want to fight against something that will never cease to exist. I don’t want to waste my energy on the idea in which we can brainwash ourselves into thinking there is control over something that is inevitable. Fear is a natural response to potentially harmful ideas or situations. However, fear is a double-edged sword. Fear can be just as destructive as it is constructive.

Where does fear come from? It starts young. Our caretakers often teach us to fear at a young age. Strangers. Heights. Separation. Darkness. Some fears just occur naturally. These fears bestowed upon ourselves teach us that sometimes bad things are on the other side of fear. And that’s okay. That’s why fear exists. It’s part of life, and we learn to adapt as we grow in order to protect one another. Some fears are meant to be a warning signal, so maybe you stop and think, “Should I do this?” “Can I get hurt?” There are no hero points rewarded for intentionally coming into harm’s way.

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