Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend: Part 3

Okay, finally – I’m writing my race recap for the Pittsburgh Marathon!


My annual Instagram countdown!

I painstakingly woke up at 4 AM after getting mayyyybeeee 2 hours of sleep. But it was time to make the donuts! I got ready and then headed to pick up Ashley so we could make our way downtown. The Steel City Road Runners have a WONDERFUL perk for being a member. We have the luxury of meeting inside the Westin Convention Center, where we have food and drinks, real bathrooms and a place to sit. I left my house around the same time as I usually do, so I figured everything would go smoothly in terms of parking.


We made it downtown rather quickly (5:15 AM), and we had just 2 more turns before we arrived at the garage. The road we needed to take was already blocked. Last year, I didn’t have any problems. We tried to ask a cop for help, but she was very condescending and basically said “I don’t know what to tell you.” At this point, I was shaking between being nervous about the race and also not knowing where to park. I was on the verge of tears when we came across another police officer in the midst of our 2nd U-turn, and he told us the roads closed earlier than anticipated. He advised us that the only way to get to the convention center was to get back on the parkway. There was absolutely NO WAY I was going to leave the city. I thanked him for his help and then frantically drove around in circles until we found a sketchy garage in an alleyway. The garage was steamy, dusty and there were several bicycles in the corner that clearly hadn’t been touched in years. We couldn’t even figure out the correct way to exit as pedestrians, so we left via the non-pedestrian ramp; we came across another runner who had the same problem!

After fussing with our dollar store ponchos, we walked to the Westin, and I found my group of friends whom I’ve been training with for months. I grabbed a plain bagel with jelly and tried to eat it without dry heaving. My nerves were definitely getting the best of me. After using the bathroom, everyone went outside to take our annual group photo, where we almost got plowed down by a driver who was either blind or a total psychopath. He literally tried to drive through us. Perhaps he couldn’t see the GIANT chain link fence behind us either.


Annual SCRR group photo!

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Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend: Part 2

I woke up around 6:30 AM to get ready for the 5K. I love running the 5K because it’s fun and a great opportunity to do a shakeout run for the next day. This race was my 1st official 5K, following the 3.5 mile uphill challenge in April 2011 (Mt. Summit Challenge). I’ve also run the 5K in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. I’m so glad P3R decided to create a challenge (Steel Challenge) for those who want to participate in both races and/or love extra bling!

The 5K starts in the heart of the North Shore, near Heinz Field. This 5K is memorable because you get a small taste of the half/full marathon route and finish line. It also brings people of ALL ages together to get outside and be active as a family! It’s wonderful!

The Steel City Road Runners are the official pacers for the race, so it’s cool to personally know the team. Lining up with a pacer keeps me from getting excited and running too fast, which is easy for me to do. I normally run with pacer Sanchez, and this year was no different! He’s good at entertaining the crowd; that’s for sure.


He was the 11:00 minute per mile pacer, which is a far cry from my usual 5K “all-out” race pace. It worked out good! I finished with a 10:59 average (34:03) for this race! Thank you Sanchez for the laughs and perfect pacing!

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Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend: Part 1

Hello readers! I hope my fellow Pittsburgh Marathon event participants are still riding that high from this past weekend! This year, for me, was a special one! I was one of the official bloggers for the marathon, so it was a lot of fun to be more involved than I have ever been as a participant for the last 7 years. I truly enjoyed my experience as a blogger and hope to have the opportunity next year! If I was able to inspire just one person to sign up for any of their races or help them cross the finish line, I’ve done my job!

2018 Official Blogger Banner


The 2018 blogger team!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation for a VIP event: a party for the behind-the-scenes folks, elite runners, bloggers etc. It was held on Friday, the 4th, which was also the opening day of the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health & Fitness Expo! I took the day off from work, so I was able to head downtown early to listen in on the press conference and watch the ribbon cutting ceremony. The last time I was able to attend was in 2012!


Ribbon cutting!

After that was all said and done, I started making my necessary rounds throughout the expo before the general public was allowed inside.


I loved that the carpet looked like a road!

It was VERY nice being able to grab everything I needed without waiting in any significant lines. I, for the 4th year, participated in the Steel Challenge, so between the multiple goodie bags, shirts, pint glasses/tumbler, I felt like I needed a suitcase to be able to maneuver around the various vendors. Once I got my life together, I did some shopping, chatted with friends and called it a day! I didn’t do too much damage to my wallet this year – 4RUN2 sweat shirt, 48.6 keychain, a runner of steel buff and a couple of magnets/stickers. I also got to pick up the shirt I won from Brag Swag on Instagram! I went home, but not for long, because I had to get ready and head back downtown for the VIP event.

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Running a Marathon Explained by New Girl (GIFS)

Hello readers! Since the Pittsburgh Marathon is quickly approaching, I decided to create a post filled with GIF images from New Girl describing what it’s like training for / running a marathon. I hope this post brings you laughter!

When you finish that final long run:

New Girl Dancing GIF-source

When you’re halfway through the taper:

Big Brother S GIF-source

When you start carb loading during race week:

New Girl Pizza GIF-source

When you’re at the expo and want all the things:

Fox Sunglasses GIF by New Girl-downsized_large

When your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour on race morning:

Phil Dale GIF-source

When you use the porta potty:

New Girl Stuff I Made GIF-source

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Why do you run?

Hello readers! For my April blog post as a Pittsburgh Marathon blogger, I wanted to do something different. Looking back at some of my posts, I’ve explained why I started running and continue to do so. I decided to do a little project and ask my fellow running friends whom are participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon events why they run. Here we go!

Morgan Manko


I run because it heals me.

I never gave running a chance until I was about 18-years-old and my father managed to convince me to try a 5k with him. I hated every second of it and finished with a less than satisfactory time of 45 minutes and 32 seconds. I was content for that to be my first and only race, and for some time, it was. Fast forward to about 2 years later and I had just gone through a rather difficult breakup. I didn’t really know what to do with myself, but I figured a walk would help me clear my head. A walk turned into a jog, a jog turned into a run, and after about 30 minutes, I was 2 1/2 miles away from home and winded, but I felt fantastic. So began my running career. I signed up for a few 5ks, followed by a few 10ks, followed by my first Pittsburgh Half-Marathon in 2010, and eventually my first Pittsburgh full Marathon the following year in 2011.

I continued to grow, and learn, and get faster. I signed up for more races, including the Pittsburgh Marathon every year. And then life took an unexpected and rather difficult turn in the early spring of 2014. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and found my time consumed with hospital visits and radiation treatments. I was too weak and too tired to run casually, let alone motivate myself to try for a few races. But, I was lucky, I got better, I got stronger, and I went into remission almost 2 years after I had been initially diagnosed. I started walking, I started jogging, and eventually I started running again. 2016 was my big return to running in the Pittsburgh Marathon, and I managed to earn my best time with my father and husband driving around cheering for me at different mile points.

My reason for running has always been one of healing. Running has helped me get over heartache, it has helped me let go of the past, it has helped me see my own strength. Running has helped me prove to myself that no matter what, I am capable and running has also given me the strength I thought cancer took away. Running healed me, in different ways at different times, but it is why I continue to hit the trails every day, and it is why I will be competing once again in the Pittsburgh Marathon this spring.

Carla Johnson

BCHM 2017

I run because it’s my happy place.

I started to run after I lost 100 pounds in 2008. It wasn’t very much. I would run 3 to 5 miles 3 to 4 days per week as a way to lose more weight. I did this for probably 2 years until May of 2010 when I ran my first 5k that was held by the YMCA I belonged to. I ended up joining a new gym a few months after my first 5k and pushed myself to take different fitness classes. One of the spin instructors would see me run on the treadmill and she would always tell me I should run a half marathon. I always gave her some excuse saying that I don’t have time to train. One day, I finally gave in and I signed up to do the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in 2013. After that day, I was hooked and signed up to do a fall half marathon that same year. This year, I will be doing my 12th half marathon and I do have the goal to complete a full marathon one day.

I have learned and gained so much from running. In the fall of 2015, I joined the Steel City Road Runners. My first run with them was for the marathon kick off in 2016. I wish I would have joined earlier because I have made so many friends and learned so much about running. I have realized that running is my happy place. After I run, I feel good about myself and that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have good and bad races, but I look at it as doing something people don’t have the courage to do. Most recently, I have set out to get down to my goal weight. I started losing weight in 2004 and was down to a 150 pound loss in 2014. I gained some weight back, and I am in the process of getting back down to my lowest weight. This year, I am going to the 5K and half marathon to complete the Steel Challenge for the third year in a row. I have also become a pacer for the Steel City Road Runners. I enjoy having fun and keeping my group motivated during runs.

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