Winter Runs (Jingle Bells)


I wrote a runner’s version of Jingle Bells just for fun! I present to you Winter Runs.

Running through the snow

In a brand new pair of shoes

O’er the hills we go

Grunting all the way (ugh, ugh, ugh)

Alarms on Garmins ding

Making awkward strides

What fun it is to run and slide

On a slippery route tonight


Winter runs, winter runs,

Cursing all the way

Oh, what fun it is to run

On a cold-wet snowy day, AHH

Winter runs, winter runs

Freezing all the way

Oh, what fun it is to run

On a cold-wet snowy day

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Running a Marathon Explained by New Girl (GIFS)

Hello readers! Since the Pittsburgh Marathon is quickly approaching, I decided to create a post filled with GIF images from New Girl describing what it’s like training for / running a marathon. I hope this post brings you laughter!

When you finish that final long run:

New Girl Dancing GIF-source

When you’re halfway through the taper:

Big Brother S GIF-source

When you start carb loading during race week:

New Girl Pizza GIF-source

When you’re at the expo and want all the things:

Fox Sunglasses GIF by New Girl-downsized_large

When your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour on race morning:

Phil Dale GIF-source

When you use the porta potty:

New Girl Stuff I Made GIF-source

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