10 Reasons to Run The Pittsburgh Marathon

I’ve been participating in Pittsburgh Marathon weekend events since 2011, starting with the 5K. The following day, I spectated the marathon to support my friend who got me into running. I was so inspired that morning, I went home and ran 13.1 miles despite my prior distance record being 6 miles. As soon as registration opened, I signed up for my 1st full marathon (2012). I’ve completed the Pittsburgh Marathon a total of 4 times, and will run it again this upcoming May! This year, I’m lucky enough to have been chosen as one of their official bloggers! In honor of their 10th anniversary, I’m here to talk about 10 reasons to run the Pittsburgh Marathon!

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Pittsburgh Marathon, cont. (FINALLY)

Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend – Expo

Well. It’s been 2 weeks since race weekend…I should probably do a recap before my thoughts leave my brain. Lol.

Pittsburgh Marathon weekend. It’s something that I have participated in since 2011, whether it be spectating or running.

Here’s a brief rundown of my history with the Pittsburgh Marathon:

2011: Ran the 5k. Spectated the marathon. Made my decision to run the full.

2012: Ran the 5k and the full marathon (1st full).

2013: Dropped down and ran the 2nd leg of the relay (sick from Lyme). Then I coached my 1st time half marathoners. I was a certified running coach for the Steel City Road Runners at one point.

2014: Ran the 5k. First comeback race after initial treatment for Lyme.

2015: Ran the 5k and the full marathon (3rd full).

2016: Ran the 5k and the full marathon (4th full).

2017: Ran the 5k and the full marathon (6th full).

This weekend is my absolute favorite, and I truly look forward to it every single year. As long as my body allows it, I will participate in one way or another. It’s comparable to a holiday to me.

Months before, I requested Friday off from work so I would be able to enjoy the day in it’s entirety (as well as attempting to get some extra rest). I would’ve had major FOMO if I was working all day while knowing that the expo was going on. Haha! I was antsy all week long to begin with, and I’m sure that I was driving my coworkers nuts with all of my marathon talk.

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