10 Reasons to Run The Pittsburgh Marathon

I’ve been participating in Pittsburgh Marathon weekend events since 2011, starting with the 5K. The following day, I spectated the marathon to support my friend who got me into running. I was so inspired that morning, I went home and ran 13.1 miles despite my prior distance record being 6 miles. As soon as registration opened, I signed up for my 1st full marathon (2012). I’ve completed the Pittsburgh Marathon a total of 4 times, and will run it again this upcoming May! This year, I’m lucky enough to have been chosen as one of their official bloggers! In honor of their 10th anniversary, I’m here to talk about 10 reasons to run the Pittsburgh Marathon!

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RSD Half Marathon Recap

So, let’s talk about the half that almost killed my spirit.

I signed up for the RSD Half Marathon (directed by Team Brunazzi Events) for a couple of reasons.

1.) Close to home – 10 minute drive.

2.) Cheap price – roughly $45.

3.) I wanted another half under my belt – number 11.

Since running the Pittsburgh full on May 7th, my longest distance has been 8.5 miles. Therefore, I wasn’t what you would call “fully trained” despite running 26.2 miles a month before this half.

I convinced my best running friend (BRF), Ashley, into running this half as well (#peerpressure). She basically chose to run this race for the same reasons that I wanted to. Given how things went for the both of us, I feel bad for convincing her to sign up.

The race was scheduled for Sunday morning, June 11th. I kept stalking the weather like I normally do, and the predicted forecast called for a high of 90 degrees, mostly sunny…in other words, a death sentence.

And well…the WTForecast app was certainly trying to tell me something.


Excuse the language. But, it’s accurate.

Sunday came around, and it was nice not having to wake up super duper early being that I had a very short drive to the start, as previously mentioned.

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Pittsburgh Marathon, cont. (FINALLY)

My Love Letter to Running

Dear running,

We’ve been together for 6 years now, and I feel like it’s finally time for me to express my love and gratitude that I have for you given everything we’ve been through.


When I first met you as a young girl, I was captivated. I turned to you to play games like Tag and Duck, Duck, Goose. It didn’t take me long to notice and ultimately wonder why you got along with other kids more than me. You made me feel weak as I stood there gasping for air. And the others…well? You made them laugh and smile. Why didn’t I get the euphoria? Why were you punishing me? I thought running was a natural human power, but why did I not deserve it?

As I got older, our relationship worsened. I tried to ignore you until I had no choice but to face you in gym class. I was forced to be friends with you. We played mind games with one another. You caused me pain, and boy did it hurt like hell.

Years had passed, and I finally thought that I was free from your torture. I didn’t have to face you, nor did I ever want to.

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Hello from the other side…

Hi! My name is Adrian or Adreen if you happen to be a Starbucks Barista. I’ve gotten Adrean, AJ, Adrain, and so many more crazy variations of my name. It’s always an adventure. You’ll often see my cups of iced coffee on my Instagram account (chasefear). I’m a bit of a coffee (more like Starbucks) fanatic. There’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a relaxing atmosphere after a long run or race.


So, I may look familiar to some of you. It could be one of two reasons:
1.) You know me personally. Hello!
2.) You may have been an avid reader/follower of chasefear.com (hosted though Tumblr), which I regretfully deleted.


I was going through a lot of personal issues at the time, and I had to focus on myself…especially with my ongoing health crisis. I was amidst trying to receive a diagnosis along with dealing with an ugly breakup. Long story short: I have chronic Lyme disease, but more about that later.

Or perhaps, you don’t know me at all. If so, welcome!

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